Bilingue coiffure : vegetable colour trends in the USA

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As people become more aware of their impact on the planet, vegetable hair dyes are gaining popularity.

It used to be that only hippies would consider dyeing their hair with vegetable or plant dyes. But as natural products become more sophisticated, the technique is becoming increasingly popular in the United States – henna, fruits, vegetables, leaves and even bark are all frequently used as colour sources for such dyes.

Many people are turning to vegetable dyes to colour their hair because the products are usually vegan and cruelty-free – an important selling point for socially conscious consumers. What’s more, vegetable hair dyes often include ingredients that are especially nourishing for the tresses, such as cocoa butter, lemon peel extract, jojoba and other essential oils. Conventional hair dyes, on the other hand, often have parabens, alcohol, sulfates, ammonia and other chemicals that can be harmful and dehydrating.

While there are semi-permanent and permanent versions,…………………

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